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FROZEN CO TUNA SAKU (+/-300-500GM /PC) [10kg/CTN]

FROZEN CO TUNA SAKU (+/-300-500GM /PC) [10kg/CTN]
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FROZEN CO TUNA SAKU (+/-300-500GM /PC) [10kg/CTN]

FROZEN TUNA SAKU is a variation of frozen seafood. Tuna Saku means tuna cut into the block and usually served as maguro in a sushi bar. Slice into the fillet size you like and you can eat with sashimi or together with sushi. In Japan, the term of tuna Saku means tuna cut into the block and this kind of product usually used in many sushi bars, it commonly served as maguro. Tuna loin Saku are both preferred by the Japanese chefs for sashimi due to the uniformity. They are also used for other sliced presentations. 


Product Specification

Origin: -

Storage Type: Frozen

Frozen Weight:  (+/-300-500GM /PC) [10kg/CTN]    

Shelf Life: - 24 Month

Halal Certification: 

Quantity: 1ctn


Instruction for Use: Defrost and ready to eat

Recipe Ideas:

  • Seared CO Tuna Saku with Sesame Soy Sauce Recipe
  • Sushi topping

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